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  • All our Prodiva brand model eyelashes are sold as a package and there are 12 pairs of eyelashes in 1 package.
    Suitable for reuse.
  • Handmade and are of the highest quality.
  • Our Prodiva brand prodiva red eyelashes allow you to have more natural, denser and voluminous eyelashes.
  • Suitable for all eye and eyelash shapes.
  • Fine hair and natural looking eyelashes are suitable for daily use.
  • With makeup removal solution or plenty of water, you can easily remove false eyelashes from your eye.
  • Very dense and very natural, our false eyelashes are suitable for night use or special occasions.
  • Just wait a little while for the eyelashes to stick and dry.

How to use: remove your eyelash from the box with the help of a tweezer. If necessary, you can cut the lashes from the sides and shorten them according to your eye shape. Apply Eyelash Glue by aligning the bottom part of the eyelash, wait for 20 - 30 seconds or so and glue by aligning the bottoms of your natural lashes. 5 min before applying mascara. wait until and have lashes that look perfect.