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Tekrar Kullanıma Uygundur
  • With its special formula, it retains its long-term permanence without damaging your lashes.
  • Weight: 7 gr.
  • Imported from Korea.
  • It is the highest quality Eyelash Adhesive found in Turkey.
  • When you want to remove it from your eyelashes, it removes it without damaging your eyelashes.
  • Our Prodiva brand Eyelash Adhesive is waterproof, providing resistance to rain, sweat or tears.
  • It does not contain chemicals harmful to human health.
  • Our product is very high quality and can be used easily in Pool and sports.
  • Our Eyelash Glue is black and you don't need to use Eyeliner after wearing your false eyelashes.
  • Our Eyelash Glue, which is black color, strengthens eyelash bottoms and creates a thicker, voluminous eyelash illusion.